Applicants will be required to take training provided through Ministry Central. (Click Here To Register for your required level of training, or see the link below if you intend to apply or upgrade. Purpose Institute training is also accepted as long as the additional required reading for license is completed. The PI student’s curriculum includes additional required reading for ministerial license.


The Pennsylvania District UPCI considers the spiritual authority of the local pastor to be of utmost importance. Therefore, all applicants for ministerial license will always need the full and complete permission and participation of any applicant’s pastor.


The applicant’s pastor, presbyter (or any licensed minister who has an account with can download any application. The application must be filled out completely and must be signed by the applicant’s pastor. The pastor and/or presbyter may help the candidate ensure the completeness and accuracy of the application form. 

You may also download applications here:


After filling out the application, it will be given to the local pastor. The pastor will review the application carefully, sign it, and give it to the Presbyter who will send it to the District Secretary/Treasurer after he has checked it over. The Presbyter must receive all completed applications 60 days prior to the Board Meeting. The license applicant should also supply documentation for Ministry Central or Purpose Institute courses completed. In the event the applicant has not completed the Ministry Central Course at the 60 day deadline must have the course transcripts with them when they meet the District Board. The Board Meeting dates (and deadlines) are noted below.

Board Meeting Schedule:




February 11, 2022

December 11, 2021

District Board


Leadership Retreat

July 16, 2022

May 16, 2022

PA District Camp

November 3, 2022

September 3, 2022

PA Harvest Conference


All applicants must preach an average of once a week (teaching Sunday School classes does not meet this requirement with the exception of teaching an Adult Sunday School class) for the six-month period prior to meeting the District Board. They must fulfill the education requirements specified in the UPCI Manual; which is that they must have completed the Reading Requirements specified by the General Board of the UPCI, and completed the required Ministry Central and/or Purpose Institute courses.
The requirements can be found here: Ministerial Reading Requirements
All required materials (training videos and ebooks) are provided via Applicants must fill out the appropriate license application (see the Application Form section above), and at the time it is sent in certify that they have met the Reading Requirements of the UPCI. In the event the Ministry Central and Reading Requirements are not completed at the 60 day deadline the applicant must have the documentation/transcripts with them at the District Board meeting. Applicant must meet the District Board for the review of their application.


When a ministerial applicant meets the District Board for licensing, remember the following: All applicants must be accompanied by his/her spouse. If applicant has not submitted their Reading and Ministry Central documentation/transcripts, they must have those when they meet the District Board. The applicant must bring two copies of a photograph of both the applicant and the spouse. 
Applicant must bring two checks: 
One check made out to PA District (mark PA District budget fee in memo line)
    Local License: $100.00 (PA District first quarter budget fee)
    General License: $125.00 (PA District first quarter budget fee)
    Ordained License: $150.00 (PA District first quarter budget fee) 
One check made out to United Pentecostal Church International (mark application and budget fee in memo line)
    Local License: $118.50 ($93.50 first quarter budget fee + one time $25.00 application fee) 
    General License: $121,50 (($96.50 first quarter budget fee + one time $25.00 application fee)
    Ordination License: $124.50 ($99.50 first quarter budget fee + one time $25.00 application fee)
Note: Applicants future UPCI one quarter’s budget fee is as follows: Local: $93.50, General: $96.50, Ordination: $99.50  
Applicant’s name must appear on the check (memo field or account name). 
The applicant must bring the Life Insurance Beneficiary Form which designates the beneficiaries for the UPCI Life Insurance Policy. This form must be fully filled out and signed and dated. (If you have questions about how to properly fill out this form, please contact the District Secretary/Treasurer).


The applicant should understand that if approved for license with the United Pentecostal Church, he/she will be responsible to pay the quarterly District License fees of $100 for Local, $125 for General and $150 for Ordained.  Headquarters’ Budget Fees per quarter must be paid as well. ($93.50 for Local, $96.50 for General, and $99.50 for Ordination.)