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Welcome to the home page of the Pennsylvania Children’s Ministry, Save our Children Ministry, and Bible Quizzing Ministry! Where we aim to invest in the future of your children now!

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Save Our Children

SOC Rallies: with your support Children’s Ministries is reaching every district in North America. In the last six years 6,108 have received the Holy Ghost.

Global Children’s SOC Rallies: funding allows us to hold rallies in foreign countries were we see thousands receive his Spirit.

Overseas Orphanages: your funding helps provide for the construction and support of orphanages overseas.

UPCI Children’s Disaster Relief: This is a new program in which children involved in disasters will receive a “gift of love” which is a backpack that will be filled with items needed.

Junior Bible Quizzingyour funding helps provide study materials, regional tournaments, a national tournament, and awards as children plant the Word in their hearts and minds.

BREAD (Bible Reading Enriches Any Day): Your giving helps with the BREAD program.

Association of Children’s Evangelists: Save Our Children funds helps provide interaction between Children’s Ministers and increase their ministerial opportunities.

TrainUp (Training Those That Minister to Children): Provide training for those that minister to children in their local churches.

Save Our Children giving is now available online. You can give immediately towards your pledge or from the heart using the link below.

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Bible Quizzing

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Mark Shifflett

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Emmy Ray

Director Of Promotions
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Josiah Frankford

Section 1 – CM Director
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Section 2 – CM Director
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Section 3 – CM Director
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